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November 23rd, 2020: Famous Fridays Blog Post - Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is a multi-talented actress who is half Scottish, Irish and half Filipina. Her father is of Scottish and Irish descent, and her mother is Filipina. Growing up biracial, she knew the struggles of not having one exact background. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Mitchell described how she struggled at school because of her cultural background. She said, "I'd get 'Oh, is your mom a nanny?" Mitchell explained that she felt so bullied that she didn't even eat in the cafeteria during lunch. Because Shay struggled with being comfortable in her biracial skin, she wants to ensure her biracial daughter does not go through the same and that her daughter can feel comfortable in her skin. While raising a biracial daughter, she tries her best to make sure she is the best example to her daughter.

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