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Mixed Desis:
Stories of Multiracial South Asians
 is here!

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This book is a project of HumSub GlobalTEEN's and features the qualitative data from over 80 multiracial South Asian individuals and individuals in interracial South Asian relationships as well as over 30 personal stories. In addition, it highlights the history of the multiracial population in America with an emphasis on mixed Asian identity.

The book is co-sponsored by Rahul Yates and Punita Khanna.

You can purchase the book on Amazon using this link.

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Three Reasons You Should
Read This Book:

1) If you are interested in mixed-race issues and families

2) If you identify as South Asian or as multiracial South Asian

3) If you are curious to learn about the mixed-race experience in America across generations

The Authors:
Rahul Yates, founder of HumSub GlobalTEEN and outspoken teen advocate for mixed-race issues

Punita Khanna, Rahul's mother and breast cancer patient advocate

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