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Hey Everyone!


Welcome to our website! Here you can learn more about HumSub GlobalTEEN, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and building a community for multiracial and multicultural teens. We look to do a variety of things: write & post blog posts here and on our social media pages (@humsubglobalteen), interview other leaders in the multiracial community, serve as a resource center for all happenings in the world of mixed-race, and much more!


Feel free to check out our various tabs here and make sure to take a look at our social media pages!


Thank you for sharing this journey of identity with us!

About Us

HumSub GlobalTEEN (HSGT) was founded by Rahul Yates, a then-16-year-old multiracial and multicultural individual from Los Angeles, California. Growing up mixed was never easy for him, and now in high school, he has been able to come to terms with his unique identity and wanted to create a space for other teens like him to share their experiences and come together during these discussions. 

Behind every great leader is a great mom, and that same principle applies here! HSGT’s Lead Advisor is Punita Khanna, who is also Rahul’s mom. Being part of an interracial marriage and raising a multiracial child has been a unique experience and has given her a very nuanced perspective in this area as a monoracial individual.  She supports Rahul in any and all ways possible, and hopes that other parents like herself can find value in this platform.


Mixed Desis: Stories of Multiracial South Asians

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Rahul and Punita's book is now available to purchase on Amazon! Check out this tab on our website for more information. Thank you to everyone who has read the book and shared how much it has resonated with them.

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