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August 13th, 2020: Throwback Thursday Post - How My Sunday School Changed My Life:

Written by Neeki Torabi; IG: @neekii_torabi

Growing up multicultural, I would constantly get bullied, hated on, and judged from my childhood. Remembering in elementary school, how kids would criticize how I talked, and what I wore almost tore me apart. One day, my parents decided it’s best to enroll me in a Sunday School, little did I know how much of an impact it would have on me in the future. The first few weeks of Sunday school were pretty great for me as I associated with others that were just like me--from different cultures and races. Although my Sunday School had been teaching how to write in Farsi and read the Qur’an, each person in the building had a different background and origin. During my final year of attending Sunday School, a girl approached me and we eventually became friends. I later figured out that her mom and mine were school friends, and this made me realize no matter how rare someone’s origin is, they will never be alone and rather be surrounded by people that are just as they are. It’s always important to embrace your culture and heritage--even if you are mixed/multicultural/multiracial because everyone is unique in a different way.

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